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Hassan Refay

My name is Hassan Refay, and I’m a German sports psychologist. I live and work as a mental toughness trainer in Florida, just minutes away from the IMG Academy, and I love helping talented junior, high school, college and young professional tennis players, both in person, over the phone, and through my mental toughness programs.

I have put together and continue to maintain this site on a daily basis to provide a free resource for Tennis Players of all levels. We receive many questions via email every day about things like “What is a good Tennis College in South Carolina“, “Which Academy do you recommend in California”, “How can I improve my child’s Attitude on the court“, etc. I try to provide answer to these and many more on this site.

Read a little more about me, contact me directly or feel free to browse through all the resources on my site.

Thanks for visiting and best of luck on your Tennis journey!