What’s your MTP?



What's your MTP? - Copy 1

This is a quick 20 questions that I've developed when I was working at the Nick Bolletteri tennis academy in Florida some 14 years ago. Since then I've perfected it and used it hundreds of times with talented junior, high school, college and professional players with great success. Please note that there are No-right-or wrong answers. Do not overthink these questions - instead just choose the answer that comes to mind first. Honest answers will allow me to make the BEST recommendations for you. Please answer or let your child (player) complete the 20 questions and click submit. I also would love to see you or your child on the tennis court. Do you have any video recordings from a real match at a tennis tournament? I will personly evaluate your information and send you an email with my recommendations to you or or your child. Sincerely Hassan Refay MyBestTennis